Greeting from CEO

 Since 2014, Crude oil prices has been going down to the lowest level during last 15 years. World energy price tend to going down as well and initiating a slower economic growth world wide.


Oil and gas business is become less attractive, exploration is practically stopped, field development were postponed waiting for oil price rebound , back to it’s economic of scale for Oil and gas business. At the same time LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) starts to provide a cleaner and eco friendly energy to the world industry, replacing partially Crude Oil role in the past. USA shale gas rapid development drive low LNG price to be available in the next 3 to 5 years, which makes the Oil price to rebound become uncertainty .


This means that Oil and Gas industry should adapt to the energy economic situation and should thinking how to lower their “lifting cost” for Crude Oil and Natural gas. They need to do “differently”, we have to be smarter than the problem.

PT Pakarti Tirtoagung, being a national company with 15+ years experiences in providing technical service as well as O&M to oil and gas facilities in Indonesia, is aware to that situation and hence we are adapting that change into our company. We always put our empathy with our partner condition and sit down together to find the right and workable solution together.


We are not selfish, we always obtain our earning based on our partner satisfaction, we always thinking that we are partner to our client. What important to our is your Trust and then we will solve any problems you have in reasonable cost.


Internally PT Pakarti Tirtoagung always act, response and partnering with respect to “good business Ethics”, because we believe that it will creating a sustainable, long term relationship.



Let us know your problem and we will work on it and we will provide alternative solution for you.




Priyo S Brodjonegoro

President Director

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