Plant Operations and Maintenance
Field Maintenance Service for Turbomachinery Scope of ServicesMaintenance Services are widely consist of various activity. Building a relationship with can be arranged in short or long term periode or can be a lumpsump work contract.Scope of services that we offer included :
Routine Daily Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Major overhaul and rebuilt of centrifugal gas compressors, gearbox, accessory drive, bearing capsules and other components
Machinery vibration surveillance and diagnostic
Technical Training
Engineering services and consultant
Excecuted Job Eventhough the company is quite new, we have been acompishing and /or underway of excecuting jobs with various partner as of :
Preventive Maintenance at Pertamina Cilacap Refinery
Training class project for Unocal Balikpapan
Installation and commisioning of Vibration equipment at Pertamina Dumai Refinery
Vibration Surveillance and technical consultant at PT Miwon Gresik, East Jawa
Three years Turbomachinery maintenance contract with ARCO Indonesia offshore oil/gas production facilities
Key Personnel
Our key personnels are very skillfull personnel that has been earned experience in an oil and gas company for 20 years plus and held a succesfull carrier in top management position. Relating to the services that we offer, we can provide :
Specialist, Technical Representative
Maintenance crews
Technical Instructors
Management Consultant
Tools and test equipment

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