Training Syllabus
Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance - Centrifugal Compressor Set
Course Objective
  • To get a basic knowledge understanding of gas turbine compressor package operation consists of the turbine engine and centrifugal gas compressor, the system components and knowledge of its hardware function.
  • To gain a basic knowledge of maintenance aspect of gas turbine compressor.
  • To learn the basic knowledge of high speed rotating equipment other aspects as of compressor surge control, turbine control system and high speed rotating machinery vibration
Who should attend
  • Superintendents, Supervisors, technicians, Operators, Fresh/new engineer, mechanics who deals with gas compression operation and maintenance.
Pre Requisites
  • Has a basic mechanical, electrical and technical background, minimum High School or equivalent with 2 years working experience.
Instructors, hand out
  • Instructors comprises of National Engineers and several Technical Expert in oil and gas field operation with 15 years plus experience in Solar Gas Turbine Maintenance.
  • Course will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Hand out available in Bahasa Indonesia
Venue and Date 
  • Jakarta, field sites or other cities.
  • Date is subject for discussion with clients.
Course Fee 
  • If the course is conducted in a group, maximum number of person per class is limited to 20 people.
  • If minimum 10 participants are not fulfilled, minimum of 10 persons will be charged.
  • Course fee (Please call)
Gas Turbine Compressor Set Operation and Maintenance
Course Number: TOM-1
Course Outline
Day Topic
Day 1
Introduction to gas Turbine Engine
  1. Gas Turbine theory, Newton Law
  2. Gas Turbine Industry development
  3. Factors affecting Gas Turbine engine performance
  4. Gas Turbine components and functions
  5. Basic Centrifugal Gas Compressor
  6. Centrifugal gas compressor principle
  7. Solar Gas Compressor components and design philosophy
  8. Gas Compressor bearing and seals assembly
  9. Gas Compressor performance characteristic
Day 2
  1. Gas Turbine package support system components
    • Start system
    • Oil System
    • Seal oil buffer gas system
    • Servo system
    • Air system
    • Fuel systemControl system
Day 3
  1. Gas Turbine Electrical Control System
  2. Gas Turbine Control Philosophy
  3. Electrical control system components and function
  4. Speed, temperature topping control system
  5. Start system sequence
Day 4
Surge Control System
  1. Surge in centrifugal gas Compressor
  2. Surge control Instrumentation system components and function
  3. Basic Gas Turbine Vibration measurement
  4. Fundamental of machinery vibration
  5. Vibration measurements and the components
Day 5
  1. Gas Turbine Maintenance
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Engine washed
  4. Bore scope inspection
  5. Compressor restage
  6. Start up and Operating procedure
  7. Start up procedure
  8. Routine inspection


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