Training Syllabus
PLC Based Gas Turbine Compressor Package Control System
Course Objective
  • This course is presented to participants to improve their knowledge of basic principles and the operation of Turbine Engine control system using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with application software Seri 6200. And to understand PLC main components, such as Chassis, Processor, I/O Module and its connection with sensors and or end devices.
  • After completing this course, participants are able to understand the advantages of the system comparing to the old system which using relay logic, understand numbering system, addressing system, hardware installation, switch setting, and understand the steps of modifying the ladder logic (to create, copy, add or delete), understand the filing activities (to create, copy, save and delete, etc), with technical practice on test bench.
Who should attend
  • Maintenance Superviso
  • Maintenance Technicial
  • Engineers
  • Whoever responsible for maintenance and troubleshoot on Gas Turbine Compressor package.
Pre Requisites
  • Attendees must at least have been attending Basic Gas Turbine Compressor Set Operation and Maintenance training (TOM-1).
  • The course portion will consist of basic mathematical calculation.
Instructors, hand out
  • Instructors comprises of National Engineers and several Technical Expert in oil and gas field operation with 15 years plus experience.
  • Course will be conducted in both English and Bahasa Indonesia
    Hand out available in Bahasa Indonesia
Venue and Date 
  • Jakarta, field sites or other cities.
  • Date is subject for discussion with clients.
Course Fee 
  • If the course is conducted in a group, maximum number of person per class is limited to 15 people.
  • If minimum 10 participants are not fulfilled, minimum of 10 persons will be charged.
  • Course fee (Please Call)
PLC Based Gas Turbine Compressor Package Control System
Course Number: TCS-2
Course Outline
Day Topic
Day 1
Control System Overview
  1. Recognizing Hardware Component. : Speed Control Devices; Temperature Control; evices ; Engine Speed Topping Control; Engine Temperature Topping Control
  2. Control System Process
  3. Protection Control
Day 2
PLC 5  Allen Bradley  Turbotronic / TT2
  • Numbering System: Octal Number System; Binary Number System; Hexadecimal Number System
  • Addressing: 2 Slot Addressing; 1 Slot Addressing; 1/2 Slot Addressin
  • Recognizing Hardware Components. : PLC 5 - Processor Family (1785-PLC 5/15); Chassis  (1771-  ); Power Supply   220 VAC (1771-P5); 24 VDC
Day 3
PLC 5  Allen Bradley  Turbotronic / TT2 (continued)
  • Recognizing Hardware Component (Continued): Quadrate Count Module (1771-QRC); Fast Millivolt Input Module (1771-IFM); RTD Module (1771-IR); Analog Input Module (1771-IFE); Analog Output Module (1771-OFE); Discrete Input Module (1771-IBN); Discrete Output Module (1771-OBD); I/O Adapter (1771-ASB)
  • Switch Setting
  • Display Monitor: Display Monitor Family (T-35, T-36, T-37); Standard Display Screen
  • Programming 6200 Series: Mengelola Processor File (Transfer, Rename, Copy dan Delete) Solar Logic Symbol
  • OFFLINE Programming: Membuat Program File; Meng-edit Program File
Day 4
Programming 6200, with Practice on Test Bench
  • ONLINE Programming: Processor Function; Save / Restore; Change Station; Memory Map; General Utility; Monitor File
  • Documentation (Reports)
  • Ladder Program, Description.
  • Pembagian Processor Memory: Data Table Files; Program Files
  • Ladder Logic Rungs
  • Instructions: Relay Type Instruction (XIC, XIO, OTE, OTL, OUT, IIN, IOT); Timer Instructions (TON, TOF, RTO Counter Instruction CTU, CTD Reset RS).


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