Training Syllabus
Gas Compressor Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Course Objective
  • To learn the principle of centrifugal gas compressors, components description and function.
  • To gain knowledge in evaluating the centrifugal gas compressor performance.
  • To be able to run a performance engineering calculation using actual particular unit program disk.
  • To be able to predict the performance of gas compressor during parameter change.
Who should attend
  • Operation Supervisors,Maintenance Supervisor, Senior Technicians, Engineers, Rotating specialist who’s responsible for maintaining the performance of centrifugal gas compressors sets.
Pre Requisites
  • Attendees preferable have been attending Basic Gas Turbine Compressor Set Operation and Maintenance training.
  • The course portion will consist of basic mathematical calculation.
Instructors, hand out
  • Instructors comprises of National Engineers and several Technical Expert in oil and gas field operation with 15 years plus experience.
  • Course will be conducted in both English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Participants will do actual hands on in using typical compressor performance calculation program software. PC / Laptop will be provided (1 laptop for 2 participants)
  • Open discussion on various field compressor performance problems.
  • Hand out available in Bahasa Indonesia
Venue and Date 
  • To be determined by client
  • Date  : To be determined by client
Course Fee 
  • Please Call
Gas Compressor Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Course Number: TOM-3
Course Outline
Day Topic
Day 1
Gas Compression plant, basic compression plant facility design power
  1. Gas Compression Plant Process  Equipment
  2. Plant Process Material balance sheet
  3. Basic Theory of Gas Compression
  4. Gas properties : sg, k, z, MCP, MCv
  5. Practical Gas Properties calculation
  6. Basic physics, pressure, flow standard, actual flow, Temperature
  7. Compression Head
  8. Gas power, engine power, 
Day 2
Centrifugal Gas Compressor Theory
  1. Compression in the Centrifugal Compressors
  2. Compressor family, range and capacity
  3. Internal components
  4. Compressor system, Bearing and seal assembly
Day 3
Gas Compressor and Gas Turbine Engine Performance Evaluation
  1. Gas Turbine theory and performance factors
  2. Gas Turbine performance curves
  3. Evaluating Gas Turbine performance using engineering software
  4. Centrifugal Compressors performance factors
  5. Practice using Computer Software to estimate performance calculation.
  6. Developing new compressors performance curves
  7. Gas Turbine engine and Centrifugal Compressors simulation
Day 4
Gas Compressor Performance Test and simulation
  1. Package performance test Procedures
  2. Evaluating Compressors performance
  3. Practical Various Field Cases, Calculate and class presentation 
Day 5
Centrifugal Compressor Maintenance
  1. Gas Compressor Series and Paralel Operation
  2. Centrifugal Compressors surge
  3. Gas Compressor Restage


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